75 companies

Secection of 75 potential export companies

12 countries

Establishing business centers at World-CKTA branches in 12 countries

30 cases

An average of 30 contracts per export consultation meeting

Establishment and connection of overseas network

Establishment of network with overseas state agencies in Alberta, Canada, Changpyong, China, Tottori Prefecture, Japan, etc.

Export Consultation Meeting and Consulting

Export consultation meetings held with overseas business centers such as the World-OKTA overseas branches, etc.

Overseas Market Research

Overseas market report provided by Frost&Sullivan and global data

Discovering and connecting overseas buyers

Discovering and connecting specialized overseas buyers by country and sector

Supporting the acquistion of license

Consulting local experts on certification by the CFDA of China and ANVISA of Brazil

Local distribution and sales

Thailand CP vendor, Vietnam Delta E & C, World-OKTA overseas branches, etc. and support for permanent exhibition business center and participation in industry-specific exhibitions