Regional Industry Promotion Headquarters

The Regional Industry Promotion Headquarters utilizes overseas business platforms to help support customized business development for cities and counties and enhance the global competitiveness of companies in the province to promote various export support projects in tandem with customized educational support and technical exchange promotion towards international exchanges and overseas market development with the customized business of local industries.
In addition, it is pursuing regional industry development project in connection with the innovative city relocation public agencies.


  • Promote business growth and facilitate overseas exports by pursuing global networking and providing customized corporate support

Main Business

  • Technology transaction promotion network
    • Facilitate technology transfer of industry, academia, research, and government by using the cooperation network of technology transaction institutions
  • Regional happiness living zone connected cooperation
    • Create jobs by nurturing dining out culture and facilitate menu by using marine resources of the East Sea
  • Customized support for regional demand
    • Enhance corporate competitiveness and facilitate regional economy by providing support for cities, counties, and SMEs
  • Support for overseas exhibitions and fairs
    • Provide support for participating in exhibitions to facilitate provincial companies' overseas entry and their exports
  • Global networking
    • Host an industrial technology forum in Northeast Asia (Gangwon Province, Jilin Province, and Tottori Prefecture)
  • Nurture in connection with public institutions (Open LAB)
    • Build an Open LAB ecosystem for resolving social issues central to geriatric diseases