Gangwon National Innovation Cluster Promotion Unit

The Gangwon National Innovation Cluster Agency facilitates the creation of local jobs and regional economic growth with support for the development of an industrial ecosystem centered on the digital healthcare industry with the spatial and content connection and competency consolidation of the national innovation convergence complex.
It builds and operates an innovation platform for the Gangwon National Innovation Cluster in connection with the existing industrial innovation hubs central to the innovative city, develops R&D and non-R&D plans for cluster development, manages the performance of project implementation and analyzes industrial statistics, plans and operates globally connected cooperative projects, and operates an industry and academia-related network for nurturing a hub for the digital healthcare industry


  • Build a new growth hub central to the digital healthcare industry
    • Form a smart city central to digital healthcare
    • Build a foundation for an innovation cluster for doing good business and provide policy support
    • Improve quality of life for the people of the province

Main Business

  • Phased-in R&D project for smart city formation
    • Develop a plan for nurturing the Gangwon National Innovation Cluster
    • Build and operate an innovation platform for the Gangwon National Innovation Cluster
    • Manage performance for project implementation and analyze industrial statistics
  • Build an innovative ecosystem
    • Provide support for companies (marketing, design, product planning, etc.) and build and operate industry and academia-related platform
    • Discover exceptions to regulation and difficulties
    • Provide support for startups in related areas and attract companies and investments with plan and scope
    • Plan and operate innovation network policy forum and workshops
  • Support global entry and advancement
    • Plan and operate globally connected cooperation projects
    • Facilitate business exchanges such as by operating international joint research conferences
  • Achieve cluster-based improvement
    • Apply financial support incentives, etc.