New Material Business Unit

The New Materials Support Center has been making a sincere effort in both energizing the regional economy and advancing regional industry with a one-stop business service from R&D to production and sales.
This is driven by specialized equipment, facilities for R&D, and prototype manufacturing, analysis and assessment.
We purpose the establishment of a ceramics cluster by constructing infrastructure in relation to ceramic raw materials and the components and materials industry.


  • Constructing a growth base for regional industry with the establishment of a cluster for ceramic and new materials business
  • Building a platform for global ceramic new materials and components industry
  • Establishing an industry-university-institute-government network and advancing toward a global platform by broadening the new materials industry

Main Business

  • Constructing the infrastructure for ceramic new materials industry
    • Building R&D and test/manufacturing support facilities: ceramic new materials support center, SoP support center
    • Fulfilling business support equipment: Setting up a support system for R&D, test and manufacture, reliability test
    • Structuring enterprise concentration space: Support Center (BI)→Venture
  • Business support and manpower nurturing
    • Prototype production, marketing, and approval Support
    • R&D link business support by equipment infrastructure
    • Field employee reeducation, professional technology manpower nurturing
  • Business incubator and enterprise attraction
    • Nurturing technology-intensive startups and global enterprise attraction
  • Building global and local networks
    • International research collaboration with institutes of the global ceramic new materials industry
    • Establishment of ceramic new materials industry cluster with key regional organizations
    • Establishment of industry-university-institute-government network and advancement toward a global platform by broadening the new materials industry