Corporate Support Unit

The Corporate Support Unit has established a customized business support system by providing a one-stop service based on the research analysis of regional resources as well as on a technology-management integration system.
We also perform a platform function with the regional Industry-University-Institute network that aims at nurturing knowledge-based global star companies (strong and small businesses) in Gangwon.
In particular, the BSA leads the new growth engine by carrying out marketing support, manpower training, technology development and business support for vitalizing the virtuous cycle of enterprise growth.
Moreover, we play a supervising role in the planning and implementation of business support by linking between regional policies and central ones.


  • Nurturing regional global star companies
  • Establishing an accelerating growth system and globalization of regional strategic industries
  • Nurturing outstanding manpower and job-linking support

Main Business

  • Strategic industry manpower training business
    • Management of training programs and affiliated networks for global star companies
    • Management of field-focused-startup training for technology commercialization
    • Support for customized manpower training for Meister high schools
    • Management of job camps for linking between regional manpower and regional companies
  • Global marketing support business
    • Support for domestic and overseas exhibition participation and matching
    • Support for dispatch of trade missions to potential export markets
    • Providing overseas market information
  • Technology and fund support business
    • Customized support according to the growth step of member companies and management advisory panels for business difficulties
    • Technology transfer, mediation, and commercialization consulting support
    • Support for financing of venture, small and medium companies and subsidiary establishment for technology commercialization
    • Support for outstanding technology patent development in the region and technology development
    • Provision of domestic and overseas cutting-edge technology information
    • Support for the product development of outstanding technology
    • Support for the vitalization of tenanted enterprises in venture factories
  • Technology and funding support business
    • Enhanced linking of Industry-University-Institute services
    • Support for regional equipment utilization
    • Support for business small group vitalization
    • Support for regional cooperative business
  • Gangwon Regional Economic Zone Industry (GREZI) ecosystem structuring support
    • Support for R&D performing firms of the GREZI and related firms in overseas networking, exhibitions, and total marketing

Business Promotion System