Policy Planning Agency (PPA)

The PPA plays a core role as the brain of regional industry corresponding to new innovative industries as well as industrial policy preparing for the future.
The system of the regional innovative industries was reformed in 2013 with the notion of job creation according to the keynote change for the newly reformed regional industry support business.


  • Enhancing competitiveness by intensifying new regional innovative industries
  • Building a regional R&D nurturing system in accordance with the Fourth National Science and Technology Comprehensive Plan
  • Planning promotion schemes for regional industry with the purpose of sharing and diffusing new outcomes

Main Business

  • Management Planning
    • Preparation for appraisals of organizational management and budget estimation
    • Establishment of both management strategies and mid- and long-term development strategies
  • Structuring a virtuous cycle type of new innovative strategic system
    • Planning the schemes of new regional innovative industries based on industrial compatibility
    • Planning mid- and long-term development strategies for the science and technology advancement of Gangwon Province
    • Designing an annual regional industry promotion plan
    • Establishing development strategies for the new fusion industry of Gangwon Province
    • Planning the collaboration business of regional zones