To nurture new industries to lead the
"New Gangwon era for taking a great leap forward as international Gangwon"


Form a specialized industrial ecosystem which will lead to balanced development and economic growth for Gangwon Province
- Balanced development: USD 30,000 of GRIDS per capita; Economic growth rate: 3% -

Core Strategies

  • Build the Seoul / Gyeonggi-Gangwon economic zone
  • Innovate local industry into a new growth engine
  • Communicate and consult with industry / academia / research / government in the province

Mid and Long term Management Goals

  • Secure international competitiveness of companies in the province
    • Converge digital health care industry and IT (in connection with big data and AI), and pursue new material businesses
  • Plan new industries and economy for Gangwon Province
    • Nurture regional industries in connection with innovative institutions in the province / innovative city relocation institutions / TP advisory groups
  • Secure international competitiveness of companies in the province
    • Facilitate networking of professional manpower in the metropolitan area, cooperate with companies, nurture manpower, and increase revenue in sales / export