Background of GWTP foundation

  • Special Law on Industrial Technology Complex Support
  • Balanced National Development Special Law Clause 2, Industrial Development Law Clause 8
  • Gangwon Technopark Establishment and Operational Support Provision


Background of GWTP foundation

As a Regional Industry Innovation Hub

  • Coordination of regional innovation businesses with the formation of cooperative system for industry-academia-research-government
  • Promotion of technology-intensive startup firms and technological advancement of regional strategic industry
  • Contribution to national economic development and regional economic revitalization


Background of GWTP foundation

  • 2018

    - February. Inaugurated sixth president, Kim Sarong-In
  • 2016

    - April. Formed foundation for ceramic raw materials industry by utilizing pumice stone resources
  • 2015

    - October. Completed Churchmen Venture Plant 2
  • 2014

    - August. Inaugurated fifth GWTP president, Chul Su Lee
  • 2009

    - July. Created the Leading Industry Support Group of the Gangwon Global Business Area
  • 2008

    - June. Carried forward Stage 2 GWTP operational business
  • 2006

    - Novermber. Established the Disaster Prevention Business Group
    - July. Established the International Plasma Exchange Corporation Center
  • 2005

    - Novermber. Established the cluster business team of the ceramic new materials industry
  • 2004

    - April. GWTP establishment and operational ordinance enactment
  • 2003

    - Decomber. Incorporation certificate and registration
    - Decomber. Foundation general meeting and setting up articles of association