Gangwon Technopark is a government agency in charge of technology development and industry innovation in Gangwon Province.

For the last 15 years, Gangwon Technopark has played a key role in planning and fostering Gangwon Province’s industries.

Unlike other regions in Korea, Gangwon Province does not have many heavy and chemical industry companies, and the environment and natural resources are very well preserved.

Gangwon Province has been focused on relatively environmentally friendly industries such as bioscience, healthcare, medical devices, new materials, travel and ICT.

Gangwon Province is now taking on a big challenge for the next advance in industrial innovation.

Gangwon Technopark will take the lead in the use of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain by industries.

Gangwon Technopark will build a “Smart New Gangwon.”

Thank you.

president Seong-In Kim